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When choosing a company to develop an educational website or school website there are some important aspects you want to consider. DreamCo Design has put together a list of tips and general advice while you consider educational website or school website design.

1. Clearly Identify Your Website Goals
DreamCo Design is here to help you figure out your likes, dislikes, and website goals. With that said, the more thought you have put into the pages, functionality, and design ideas you have, the better. If there is a board involved, go through the details with them to be sure everyone is on the same page. This will help speed things up drastically.

2. Understand How Good Content can Influence the Website's Design
Every school website design project we take on involves a content process. We work with you to get your text, pictures, logos, and so on, all of which is needed to help get the website put together. Remember that poor content can lead to a poor looking website. Consider having a photographer take various pictures of the school, staff, classes, and so on, so that the website can broadly represent you well.

3. Think About How the Staff will be Trained About the new Website
Are you setting up a site that teachers will maintain their own pages on? Is the website going to have an events section with school news? Who is going to manage all this material? We demo every website we build with you so that you know how to manage these things but you need to remember to set aside time and a plan for who will be keeping on top of these types of items.

4. Make Sure to Have your Logo and Branding Ready to Go
DreamCo Design is a professional school website design company that is more than capable of helping you develop a color scheme, logo, and branding. With that said, most already have one in place so just have the files ready to turn over so we can utilize it on your website. PNG files or source files are always best.

5. Develop a Plan to Educate the Community About the New Website
How are you going to let parents know about the website? Consistent communication via letters that are sent home, PTL groups, open houses, and other outlets like these are great ways to get the message out. If everyone is on board with the technology it can help your school stay organized and save time.

6. Make the User Interface the Top Priority
Your school's website is going to serve a wide audience. The most important thing is making it easy for the visitor to navigate to the content they are looking for. Put thought into what information will be accessed typically and think through the best way for your visitors to gain access to what they need. Our team can help you come up with the best methods to tackle UI.

For the best educational web design has to offer look no further than DreamCo Design. We are confident we can offer you the exact educational web design solution you are looking for and we look forward to partnering up with your school or educational business. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more today.



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